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Australian Finnsheep

Welcome to Ebbenglade Finns 

Australian Finnsheep, a rare breed originally from Finland (where it is known as the finnish landrace), have been in Australia since the mid 1980's. 

A long-lived medium size friendly sheep not requiring tail docking due to the naturally short tail and often no crutching either due to their fleece-free breech and legs.

An outstanding dual purpose sheep achieving consistently low body fat scores coupled with excellent mothering of multiple births (triplets & quads being the norm) through to weaning.  They start small for easy birthing but grow rapidly.

Great in their own right or an excellent choice for crossing in prime lamb production where you get both a lower body fat score and a finer better priced fleece than traditional crosses, as well as higher survival rates to weaning.

Having a soft white high lustre fleece, they consistently achieve comparatively good commercial fibre prices, as well as being highly prized by handspinners. Currently achieving consistently 60-80c/kg more than the equivalent micron merino. 

Finnsheep & composites sometimes available. Fleeces & knitting yarns available (see our FINN SHOP).